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Who the hell is Victor?

Two Gawker Stalkers, this time Drew sans Fab:

August 6, 2005
Just saw Drew Barrymore on the corner of 18th and Park Avenue South on her cell phone. She was definitely ticked off, walking huffily into oncoming traffic and yelling: "Well Victor CLEARLY has the personality of a ROCK." Instead of continuing her diatribe while walking (which would have called much less attention from passerby), she just stopped outside Haru and gestured wildly. I am dying to know who this Victor is. And by the way, she was wearing cargo pants and no sunglasses, and looked adorable.

August 12, 2005
Last night (9/7) around 1am, I got on a 6 at Astor Place and 45 minutes later I got off at the same stop because some young hoodlums pulled out handguns on the train. Critical Mass doesn't draw this many cops. What made this all worthwhile was that during my 6 block walk to Union Square, I saw Drew Barrymore on 4th at 13th. She was stumbling along, being supported by a tall, lanky guy in a sportcoat, laughing and having a good time. She was in an old man's button down (looked like Hollister) and ripped jeans. I am happy to report that while she doesn't look good in movies anymore, she is still attractive in person.

And by God, I don't think I posted these before!!

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