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Hahahaha, this is just ONE of those zillion reasons why I love those two so much:

From (August 29, 2005)

Drew and Fab at Shopsin (overpriced soup joint) on Carmine Street, today (8/25). He was making faces at her through the window, she giggled and made faces back. Strange relationship.
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haha so cute!
you love that website don't u lol

is it true all they post in there?
I don't know. I hope it is. LOL

Yes, I'm totally obsessed with Gawker.
When you're obsessed with New York as I am,
you have to feed your obsession with something, you know. ;)
how cute is that!
That's *the* cutest!!
they're so cute. bird of blue i love your icon! and for that matter i like whitestrokes too!!!
Oh thank you! :)
Aww...I love them. They make me want to be "strange". lol
Awww, your icon is ADORABLE! :D
That's so sweet ^_^ aaww, those two *sighs* :D