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Long time no see!

I am so fucking sorry for neglecting this community lately. I'm so busy with my Strokes community, with the new album and all, that I literally don't know where my head is at. That's not an excuse. That's a fact!

* Some new pictures of the lovely Drew and Fab. :)

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wow they both look so amazing ♥
Yes. :)
They were so cute after the show when they were saying goodbye to everyone. They are both really silly. lolz.
Ahhh yes, I love when they kiss in the end. :)
All I can say is aaaaawwwww ♥ :')
Beautiful Drew is always smiling!
Drew looks SO pretty <3
they're so effing cute. i love them. oh btw, i've tried to post in this community like 3 times, but drewandfab doesn't even show up as an option when i update.
Wow! That's weird, dude. I never had that problem. O_O

Try going to the community's Info page and click on the Update option. It should work. :)
Aw, is Fab's thumbnail bleeding?
Hey, it's Drew's 31st birthday today! HAPPY BIRTHDAY, lady!
she does not look 31
hey, i was surfing around over lj, you should post about the break up with drew and sad...
I don't think the rumors about their break-up are true at all.
ohh sounds very rumors...I've heard that everywhere on tv, celeberity magazine...but hopefully they will come together again. I've heard they broke up twice.
I was watching E-News live a few days ago and they reported that Drew and Fab have broken up. Drew then went to the Golden Globes Awards alone.